Maintenance/Spousal Support Through Mediation In Austin

Spousal support or maintenance, formerly known as alimony, is often the most challenging issue faced by a divorcing couple.  Mediation using an Austin divorce attorney/mediator is a highly effective tool for resolving spousal support issues.   Mediation utilizes a collaborative approach whereby both spouses express their concerns with an eye toward finding a resolution that works for, and benefits, both spouses.

Developing an Appropriate Spousal Support Arrangement Through Mediation

While spousal support is not appropriate in every situation, there are circumstances where a divorcing couple might want to provide support to one spouse for a time to allow him or her to get on their feet financially the following divorce. The experienced divorce mediators at Triad Divorce Mediation can help you formulate a spousal support plan suited to your particular needs that will allow for spousal support in appropriate circumstances.

A Collaborative Approach Rather Than Litigation

Our team of experienced divorce mediators/lawyers will meet with you personally to determine the best course of action given your particular finances, income, assets, and needs, and devise a course of action concerning spousal support.  As there is no written law concerning calculating spousal support in Austin, courts determine the need for and amount of spousal support on a case-by-case basis.

Texas litigants are literally at the mercy of the court with regard to this important issue.   Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to work collaboratively to devise a spousal support plan that works for both of you.   With a focus on determining your family’s available cash flow, our experienced divorce mediators/lawyers are able to help both spouses make appropriate spousal support decisions based on their unique circumstances and financial situations.

When developing an economic plan for your future, our experienced divorce mediators/lawyers can simplify the process and ensure that both you and your spouse are satisfied with the outcome.   Mediation is faster and less costly than litigation and allows you to have a say in your financial future.  An experienced divorce mediator will listen to your concerns and compassionately and expertly assist you in finding a solution that works for everyone.

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