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Divorce mediation employs a cooperative approach to finding a resolution for the division of property between divorcing spouses.  Texas is an equitable distribution state, not a community property state.  This means that courts in Texas are free to divide property in a manner deemed to be equitable, or fair.  Mediation encourages divorcing couples to view the division of assets and debts as a set of problems to be resolved.  A professionally trained divorce mediators lawyer can help you decide on the fair valuation of your assets and debts and come up with a plan for the fair division of both.

Arranging Appropriate Division of Property and Assets Through Divorce Mediation

Our highly trained divorce mediators/lawyers will meet with experts such as CPAs and/or appraisers so that they can offer advice on how best to calculate asset valuation, taxes, etc. By opting for mediation to handle equitable distribution, Austin families will avoid costly attorney fees and resolve disputes in a safe, positive environment. Our divorce mediators/lawyers will meet with you and your spouse as many times as necessary until you arrive at a fair settlement based on your property and assets.

Arranging Appropriate Division of Property and Assets Through Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediators are well versed in the division of assets and debts.   We will effectively offer advice on how to best value your assets and liabilities and how to divide them in a manner that is fair to both you and your spouse.  As experienced divorce attorneys, we understand the legal and tax consequences of the division of property and debts and will guide you towards solutions that will have the greatest benefit to all.

Considering Tax Consequence of Property Distribution

The division of property and debts, as well as your newly divorced status, can have significant tax consequences.  Experienced attorneys have the knowledge and expertise required to help you make the most financially sound property distribution decisions, taking into account the tax consequences involved.  We will guide you and utilize the assistance of expert accountants and appraisers when necessaryto ensure that your decisions make sense from both a property and tax perspective.

Divide Your Property Without Costly and Time-Consuming Litigation

Our philosophy is centered on helping spouses redefine their relationships in a positive way through divorce mediation.   We are committed to helping families establish better communication so that they can resolve their issues and arrive at an agreement without the need for lengthy, costly, bitterly contested court proceedings.   Through our experience and knowledge of the court system, we view equitable distribution as an opportunity for spouses to divide their assets and liabilities in a manner that makes sense to them in a safe, amicable environment.

Through our approach, divorcing couples are able to keep these major financial decisions in the hands of the people who care most about the outcome, rather than surrendering their financial fate to the hands of a judge.    They are committed to using their indispensable knowledge and experience to help guide you through the complicated issue of equitable distribution.

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