About Divorce Mediation

The Mediation Process

The mediation process includes professionals from the financial, legal and coaching disciplines that represent the three dimensions of every divorce. The Mediation Process creates a safe environment in which divorcing couples can communicate their needs and desires, understand their rights and financial options and build a solid agreement that works for both parties and the children when involved.

Traditional Divorce Process

Having spent many years helping people through the traditional divorce process, collectively we have learned what works and what doesn’t work. Success to the Mediation Process is measured by time efficiency, lower cost, mediated agreements and NOT going to the Court Room. Triad has been able to successfully mediate some of the more challenging cases and keep our client’s assets in tact and our clients out of costly divorces.

The Mediation Difference

We know what divorce feels like, what common mistakes couples make, how to avoid those same mistakes, and that divorce does not have to be wasteful, damaging and expensive. Our team of financial, legal and coaching professionals uses the Triad process to help your family build a unique agreement and plan for moving forward with dignity and confidence. In Divorce Mediation, couples receive the expertise and experience they need to divorce without going to Court while minimizing the negative impact on children. Contact Us and we will help you through the change and challenge of your divorce.

“Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities.”
Wayne B